okay guys, things are firming up (a little anyway)…

looks like late May early June is the time – I’ll try to nail these down closer to the time, in any event I need to meet with Laura and Mr Moretti in the next few days and check out venues etc.. we’ll be looking at making a range of new glass (completely new – not just new colours) available for this event.. and also tying up with a few more Muranese artists and their studios..

one of the requests i had last time was for link ups to other classes with guys like Luccio Bubacco – and i will speak to as many as i can when i am down there.. this is great for us, as we want to widen the scope of the event beyond just bead making this time! 😉

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  1. Tove says:

    I’m so happy. Something to look forward too again!
    Boro classes?