all done, and back home at last!…. WOW!!!

what can i say, we have done it, we’re alive and everyone slept in a bed…. which is just about all i could have hoped for when planning an event like this on an island 1000miles from home, and 1 hour away from a harbour!.. ;-)… naturally, there are those who slept in MANY beds, even different beds every night for the first few days as we played “musical apartments” to try and get everyone into accommodation that suited and matched their bookings – a task i completely underestimated in complexity terms!.. my thank to those affected, and the humour they showed with every new “move”….

the event itself has been quite the most bewitching and spellbinding thing i have ever experienced, the special magic that murano casts created an awesome environment where a fabulous combination of glass lunatics met, drank, ate, slept and made glass things way into the wee hours every night – a place where friendships where made and great experinces just “happened”… there were times when i had to pinch myself looking round the studio and seeing jon, pati, di, sarah, corina, mike, davide, diego, luccio and luigi all standing around chatting, torchering and generally having a good time – you could never “organise” these things – they just happen in the right place and time and we had such good fortune to be in such a place..

a few words of thanks must go to griet – my rock and also co-organiser for the careful thought and packing in getting everything ready for the event, loaded into the van and making sure i had enough of just about everything under the sun.. thanks also to the team at vetrofond, especially laura, for their support and assistance in the smallest (and largest) things – and mr moretti for personally hijacking a boat full of oxygen cylinders just as disaster beckoned!!.. he really, REALLY is the “man who can”!!…

my thanks too to the teachers and their teaching assistants, for getting there, doing their thing and being so amazingly professional – it is an organisors dream to have had you guys – you ROCK!!!..

and finally, my thanks to all of you who came – you cannot imagine how awesome it is for us to have you all, having a good time, making brillinat work and all just having fun.. to those who braved the first (wet and wild) week – my special thanks.. there were days when i doubted my sanity, and the weather forecasters!.. when the floods and gales receeded everyone just shrugged it off, and got on with the serious business of having a great time!..

sarah has agreed to revamp this whole blog for me, adding pics and threads to make it all make more sense, and to provide a central resource for everyone to dip back into with their thoughts and memories… i hope she will tackle this one for me and transform this rather rambling thread into the epitomy of coolness and graphical excellence!!!… i will be opening a flickr account to host my pics, and hopefully i will be able to creat a links thread on here to link to all the brilliant libraries already up there and filled with great pics and memories.. i may never be able to order creme brulee again, but boy – what a night!!! 😉

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