time to haul ass, and head on down!!!

hi guys,

the van is packed, the spine has been cracked, everything not nailed down has been loaded and i am on my way!… i will be leaving tomorrow morning (Sunday) for the 12 hour drive down to vetrofond, and on Monday afternoon i will be loading a few pallets of kit onto my boat and heading out to the studio for set up!.. i am not looking forward to the miles of driving – but i am incredibly excited to finally be heading on down to setup onsite..

Laura from vetrofond has been getting the studio space sorted out for us – now we are taking all he kit down there and the loading list is impressive!.. i am taking 14 torches, 9 creation stations, all the chairs, desks and tools we need – plus 3 desks, 2 laptops, 2 kilns and a partridge in a pear tree…

practically speaking – i will be sleeping on the island from Monday night, and will be staying in the studio until it is all setup and then hopefully luigi has been able to find one last apartment for me!!.. my email will be up and running from Monday night again… and is obviously one way of getting hold of me.. we will still be manning the landline at our Belgian studio and my mobile number on murano…

please can everyone email me their arrival details, and contact info, and i will do my level best to meet all incoming guests at the airport.. if i have a mobile for each person i can text them to confirm if i am there or not – but on some days there may just be too much happening or arrival times may clash with course start times.. i will make a nice sign, and wave it like mad!,,

failing that, from Marco polo airport please simply take the alilaguna RED line and hop off at museo on murano, if coming in from treviso please take the DM line from the piazza roma and hop off at murano (any stop will do – it aint a big place!)…

i am online until about 9am Sunday, and after than on the mobile as i trek down the width of Europe for the lagoon!!!

i am VERY pumped – it is going to be a LOT of fun!!!!!

cheers, and “Sizobonana!” – remember, i am a south African!!!


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  1. noname says:

    buon viaggio! ursula