Update – all in one place!!!!

hi guys, i have had plenty of feedback saying my rambling style is NOT HELPING people find information – so i am doing a general tidy up and summary in this post to give as mush info as i can in one place!


Beadmaking classes in our studio space on Murano, Venice – with classes by Alessia Fatone, Diana East, Pati Walton and Sarah Hornik.. Here is the latest schedule of dates and classes.. please note that we have a few open days and that at the moment we are discussing with Diana and Sarah who can offer filler courses for us!…


All classes are Eu225 per day, all inclusive of glass, gas, lunch, snacks and drinks… Alessia Fatone’s classes are Eu105 per day as she is from Italy and is as close to a “local” artist as we have :-)… she has offered to keep her classes directed towards newer lampworkers, and to help those who are a little out of practice..


we have been working very closely with Vetrofond and they have given us full factory support – including offering to arrange factory visits which will allow visitors to see “behind the scenes” working practices and the glassy alchemy that goes into the fabulous glass works you see in all the best designer lamps!.. with any luck at all we will also be able to see the latest vetro odds being pulled – literally hot off the presses – just please note NO CAMERA’S ALLOWED, anyone caught taking pictures will be fed to the glory hole! ;-)!!! Even better – Vetrofond will treat us to a light lunch, how cool is that?.. not only that – but we are also working with Vetrofond to have a full on “cheese and wine” party to wrap everything up – the initial date is the 6th, we suspect there may be one or two more in between!!!


i am working with vetrofond and local apartment owners to make self catering apartments available to those who are looking for somewhere to stay.. a number of you have emailed me offering to share to help with company and to keep costs down – so please post on here in the accommodation thread if you have somewhere you are happy to share, or are looking to share and what dates you are here?..


All visitors are highly recommend to get Venice Cards to help keep travel costs low and get access to great scenes and sights around the Venice lagoon..  there is the Lido (beach) the casino’, the museums, the lace on burano, etc etc etc…

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