Today’s update will bring a bit more info and some tips and tricks for getting around – the most important being the “Venice Card” which is offered to visitors to the islands and is great value.. even if you only travel once daily on the the water buses the Venice card will end up saving you money and the hassle of trying to buy a ticket, sort out change etc etc etc.. I recommend it to all visitors – I will have one myself!…

I have also produced a more detailed info pdf for visitors and guests – to help answer some of the most commonly asked questions and to give a visual reference to the islands of Venice and Murano.. for further playing i also recommend trying out Google Earth – which is one of the “killer apps” you keep hearing about on the web!.. its free, its fast, its practically magic!!!

I will be posting links to the various B&B’s, apartments and Hotels i have been able to hunt down… these links will connect you to to companies we can recommend or to whom Vetrofond have checked out for us.. be aware that the demand for accommodation over the Easter weekend is extreme – so please do check out what is available and by all means email me to help if you need it.. Laura from Vetrofond will call anyone in Venice/Murano for us it you need someone who is fluent in Italian!

also, i was asked by some of our more distant visitors to bill them for the final payments before they started travelling all the way out her – i know that i would prefer to handle payments from my “home”, and hence secure, PC.. to try and stay on top of all the paperwork i have run through most of the payments – and i apologise if this has come a bit soon for some of our later guests.. please pay this closer to the time – but please also bear in mind that i have had to open waiting lists for some classes and thus most payments can be refunded at almost any time..

Aside from that, progress proceeds apace – with the technical people from Vetrofond building the work desk for me, plumbing it with sufficient gas points, replacing broken windows, organising fridges and sofa’s etc etc and any number of the million and one little thngs we are getting set up.. I will be shifting a few palletes worth of furniture, burners, kilns, plasma screens, projectors, poster, books, DVD’s etc etc etc in the next few weeks – to give the shippers time to run a boat over and deliver it all for me.. I may have to go down there AGAIN just to make sure things are going well!! 😉

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