Excellent news today, after a lot of emails and calls i can confirm that Alessia Fatone has graciously agreed to a rate of only Eu105 per day for her classes, entirely due to the fact that she is effectively a local and as such her overheads are significantly lower than our out of country visitors!..

What this means is that we now have a full schedule from 5 well known and internationally experienced and featured teachers available in one place over the period of three gloriously busy weeks!!.. where else could you spend a 10 day period and have 5 seperate and uniquely different classes?.. this is going to be SUCH a ball… Griet and i will be down in murano this weekend doing a final check of the studio space and speaking to the apartment owners to come to an agreement over housing for us all.. we will also be meeting with the team at the Vetrofond factory, and there are some very VERY excitng ideas being thrown around which may make this the most exciting trip we have EVER planned!…

Thanks to the phenomenal response recently we are starting to close out some of the classes and are now running a waiting list for some days.. this waiting list is strictly first come first served – and i will not accept any payments or deposits from people on this list unless i can confirm a place for them!..  if the demand becomes to great i may have to revise the length of time we are down there – or formalise some late night owl sessions to ensure our visitors all get every opportunity to meet with their preffered teachers, and see the magic on Murano!..

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