it had to happen i guess!!

SOLD OUT – Sarah H, Silver class

LOL 😉 congratulations to Martina for nabbing the last place on the class of the 5th!.. the others are filling up quickly now as word spreads around the world..

please let me know if there are any forums you think i should update our information on, at the moment we are listed on everyones websites, LE, frit happens in the uk and GBUK in the uk.. i know there was a thread posted in france, and in germany – so we are getting the word out there..

We will be in Murano next week to take final pictures, measurements and sort out our links with the local accommodation.. Mr Moretti is also going to look at doing some special glass for us – which is going to be really COOL!.. i have been thinking about videoing the whole three weeks – and editing a DVD for participants?.. what does everyone think?  i would also like to do some t-shirts and stuff like that, something like “my mom went to murano for a fabulous glass glass and all i got was this lousy t-shirt” kind thing.. 😉 i am also soooooo tempted to do a “glass junkie” range!…

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