time to get organised!.. the classes/dates schedule is coming along nicely and i will be posting it up shortly.. i will also open a holding account to start posting deposits so we can confirm class places and get a handle on the numbers for each class..

the studio has now been taken over officially and preparation work is underway to paint and clean the place, get the studio workspace and piping etc installed and all the myriad other things we have to do to prepare for the event… griet and i will shoot down soon for a visit to take more pics, check the arrangements and confirm the accommodation links.. we are thinking of setting up a seperate thread on here to allow people who book larger apartments than they need to share rooms if they would like to, and for those seeking shared space or apartments to request info.. i know mike frantz is in town for some part of this course so we’ll hook up with him and his gang and just a great time!!

i have been asked by di east if she could organise “cast beads” courses and we are going to find some space for that – she has promised me some pics of the work she is doing right now – but it sounds fun, it sounds different and it sounds like it will be a blast to do!.. i’m all for having some “freestyle” session in the studio space in the evenings after the days courses are done – and in fact i am hoping a number of italian and other artists will drop in and use the space (almost a literal form of “hot desking”)!!!

one other little tit bit of information is that i hear corina may be in venice too – if it happens we would be absolutely delighted as she is the reason we have fallen so hard and so far for glass in the first place 😉

right, i’m off to do the class list – and i’ll post em up as soon as i am done!

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  1. Great stuff Q&G – thank you

    Our flights are booked, we have an apartment – all we need is the class schedule LOL

  2. Ilene T. says:

    Hi Quinton! (and Griet) Happy New Year! Hope you had free time & lots of fun.
    Been watchin’ for the site to start bubblin’ again…a $ request…could you tell us how much each class is…and do you know how much it would be per night to share a place with other ladies? Thanks, Ilene 🙂

  3. lindalee says:

    I’m very excited about the trip! I’ve been trying to find apartments or hotels on Murano but I’m not having any luck!

    If anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!