i have had some info back from Dora, Pati and Sarah as to what they would like to teach – so i am listing the info here and please let me have some feedback!.. i know, for example, that Sarah has a cunning new scheme for “gravity and glitter” – or something like that anyway! this will make its world début in murano – so be there or be square!!!

the info from Dora is as follows

1. Stringer & Dot Application

2. Complex Twisties (includes latticino and wigwags) & Simple Murrinis (including initials)

3. Rattle bead – ie bead on a bead (this involves a 2-day procedure, ie the participants must partake a 2-day workshop) & flower beads – this can be incorporated together with stringer & dot application workshop or complex twisties workshop

4. Working with Metals (silver leaf/foil + copper leaf)

the links to Sarah’s course is here….

and Pati has already confirmed she would like to run two 2-day sessions back to back.. this will be ideal for those of you who would like to hook up two or three classes as the break in between will give y’all some time to see the city and do the factory tours we will be setting up!! 😉

We are also already having some queries about accommodation and there a some visitors who would like to share an apartment on Murano, to keep costs down and just to have fun hinging out with like minded artists! We will try to hook people up wherever possible!

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  1. Sparks says:

    Hey Q,

    The list of teachers is stellar, and the choice of venue could not be better. What other comment can be made?! The schedule is different but will have to wait to see the prices to see how long I can hang around for 🙂

    It’s all gonna be fun!! More fun than a weasel down your trousers and that’s apparently a lot of fun and is what people from Belgium do and they highly recommend it! Hey Q?! 😉