hey guys and gals….

26th of march to 6th april….. start booking flights and stuff, i’m going to take a van down the week before to setup, so anyone feeling like helping out and setting the scene is welcome to volunteer now!!.. 😉 the schedluing looks like it is coming together.. maybe kick off with dora for a four days sessions, followed by pati, sarah and then pati again.. depending on wether we can get it together i am hoping to see if dora can get back for a final few days, with pati and sarah closing us out!..

another wild idea is to have an open “freestylie” sesssion on the last weekend – everyone just hanging out, making beads, eating chocolate and drinking vino.. we can do shooters and big fire tricks into the night and just generally have a good time?…. this is going to be a blast!!!

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