All righty then – things are progressing nicely…

I have had confirmation that the studio space is being stripped and painted – and the work stations are coming along… we will have at least 10 stations setup and I have had direct contact from Nortel about installing their torches for these classes… I am thinking of using the brand new Nortel Mega Minor, as this will give us enough heat to do bigger and more complex pieces as well as turning it down to do finer, more intricate work.. What does everyone think?.. the other alternative would be to run “normal” minors on one side (5 spaces) and the Mid-Range + torches on the other 5 spots?.. It is so cool to be able to set this up like this – where we can all have some input on how we work!!..

And now – some more pics, this time of the view from the windows of the studio, and the bridges nearby!.. some were taken on a Spring tide – the moon was worth howling at, we may have to keep wellies on standby!..

Before I get clobbered by Sarah though – I also plan to have Hotheads (or the brand new Fire Devils) set up for the Israeli “wonder class”!!!.. 🙂 did anyone seriously think that I’d force her to use anything else?….

My thoughts on the classes are to have 3 or 4 day long sessions by each artist, and that will allow people to “dip” in and out of classes as they want – the idea being you can do some torchering and still get to see the wonderful city that is Venice…. This will also allow our artists some “time-outs” to chill and relax.. Sarah would also like to run a night owl group, starting late afternoon and running till dawn!.. she loves to work in the evenings and this may the most magical place to do this!!..

One way to make this work would be to have the artists travel up to Holland or Belgium to run courses in between?.. this could help to make sure we get the greatest exposure for everyone to each artist – and help those who cannot get down to Murano to share the event’s spirit!!

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  1. sarah says:

    Hey dear,
    Before you have me traipsing all over Europe, can we talk and discuss some of these details? 🙂 Many thanks.
    (I can’t see any pics.)