Hello everyone, glad you found us!!!

Firstly, a word about the purpose of this blog… Here I (Q) hope to keep everyone updated about our upcoming classes in Murano, including feedback and ideas bounced around to make this the most unforgettable event ever!

Registering with the blog will allow me to update everyone, and make sure the latest info gets out there as fast as possible – and allow us as organisers to rapidly resolve any difficulties we may find.


what the hell is this all about actually?…. well, to be honest, as with most things – this one started with a “i wonder if…….” moment…..

3 Responses to “Hello everyone, glad you found us!!!”

  1. Monique says:

    Q, where has the store gone????

  2. Sparks says:

    Great to see your blog site Q! You shoulda named it “QRocks” or “QMastery” or something like that! And I was wondering what happened to the shop too! Good to see that it’s all worked out now. Cheers – Avril

  3. kandice says:

    Sweet – looking forward to your future posts!